Jenggala Mission, Vision & Value Statement

Mission :
To help our customers create beautiful homes by providing thoughtfully designed, Indonesian inspired home ware products, of the highest quality, one home at a time.

Vision :
We are an innovative retailer who seeks collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Together we express creativity to fulfill the desire for a better lifestyle.

Values :
We strive to balance profitability while improving social responsibility and environmental sustainability by creating a community of creative people who care about each other so we can inspire people to live their life as art.

About Jenggala

Within the tropical and historic environs of Bali, Jenggala Keramik was founded as a small experimental cottage industry in 1976. At present, the company has matured into a uniquely refined brand of the twenty-first century. Jenggala’s continued exploration and adherence to the core values of design and quality upon which it was founded ensures its success within the constantly changing framework of the international marketplace. With a total of 150 employees, a production team, a dedicated design and R&D department Jenggala not only caters to its large retail audience but also possesses an extensive international custom order client list of five star hotels and restaurants. To meet the versatility of our client base, we have developed ‘high strength’ ceramic bodies suited to the heavy usage of the hospitality industry.

Our Design

We are a custom design company and retailer who seek collaboration with our clients. Jenggala designs are heavily inspired by our cultural and environmental roots. Upholding and using Indonesian craftsmanship as a starting point for technical and creative innovation.