Medium Marble Jar With Lid

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 cm

The Marble Collection derives its name from the unique production process. The traditional technique creates a varied colored surface by the mixing of two different colored clays to produce a marbling effect. Inspired by the technique, Jenggala developed this collection to create exclusive, one of a kind items where no two pieces have the same color surface motif. Bring an element of unique simplicity to your home with the Medium Marble Jar. Made from stoneware, this jar comes in 2 unique finishes and the product you purchase won’t have the exact same color pattern as the item in the photo. The Marble Jar range is available in 3 sizes and has an air-tight lid, making it perfect for storing herbs, teas, coffee and spices.

Jenggala has qualified and maintains the strict ISO Quality Assurance System as well as certification of Standard National Indonesia for Food Safe and Chip Resistant quality ceramic tableware.

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