Ingka is a classic handicraft product carefully woven from the spine of palmyrah plant (lontar) which are separated from the leaves to make them more flexible and easier to form. In the past, ingka used a radial weaving pattern which created a round shape like the dinner plate. Over the generations, the craftsmens’ creativity produced other shapes including ovals for bowls and trays. The artisanal techniques for making these beautiful objects are disappearing. Today very few people know the old methods. Jenggala is honored to have worked with a family from the small Balinese village of Desa Seraya. In Desa Seraya, there is only one family left who still produces ingka made from lontar. Many people in the village who used to be ingka craftsmen now choose to work as silversmiths in a neighboring town. Inspired by the culture and beauty of ingka, the Jenggala Design Team has designed a tableware collection that celebrates this national treasure.