Since 2018, there is a unique story behind some of the products in the Jenggala showroom. Many visitors may have never realized that some of the Makrame Placemat & Coaster products that you see in our showroom are made by residents of the Women’s Penitentiary (LPP) in Bali. This collaboration was initiated by the Kunang Project which aims to provide skills training in the Class II Denpasar Penitentiary from Kunang Jewelry Studio initiated by Dian Suri Handayani. Initiated by women for women, this effort is very much in the spirit of the famous Indonesian, R.A. Kartini. Various types of training were held at LPP class IIA Denpasar Penitentiary, as part of the Stress Relief program to avoid residents “burning out” during their incarceration, as well as to equip the residents with skills to be independent when they return to the community.

Jenggala is very honored to support the efforts so that the Makrame creations of the LPP residents can be accepted and enjoyed by a wider community, and that the Makrame art training activities carried out at LPP class IIA Denpasar can continue. Just like the title of the book; R.A. Kartini – After the Dark Has Come to Light, Jenggala hopes that for the inmates of the Women’s Penitentiary, that once they are free from incarceration, they can start a much better and brighter life.

Happy Kartini Day!