Espresso Cup Red Beans

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espresso cup cup espresso cup cup espresso cup cup espresso cup espresso cup

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 cm
Capacity 50 ml

Jenggala consulted various baristas when creating the Coffee Collection. The thick walls to keep contents hot; profile contours to enhance the aroma and taste; and classic shapes with attention to capacity resulted in a popular range for all types of coffee styles. Available in Jenggala’s unique, signature glaze applications gives a selection for your personal touch. Why not add stylish elegance to your drinking experience with the Coffee Espresso Cup? Made from stoneware with 50ml capacity, this cup comes in smooth and textured finishes and is sized for espresso coffee.

Jenggala has qualified and maintains the strict ISO Quality Assurance System as well as certification of Standard National Indonesia for Food Safe and Chip Resistant quality ceramic tableware.

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