Folded Dessert Plate Ferrari Red Gloss

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dessert plate folded dessert plate folded dessert plate folded

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 cm
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Jenggala’s Folded Collection is the ultimate merger of processes from the consistent shape of the mold to a unique detail from the touch of the hand. Many manufacturers avoid this task, but at Jenggala we embrace the challenge. The final product has an effect that freezes movement and a form that you want to touch. Why not add this artistic element to your dining experience with the Folded Dessert Plate? Made from stoneware and perfect for breakfast, small meals or for desserts. The Folded Collection comprises of a serving plate, dinner plate, breakfast plate, dessert plate, a small and medium B&B plates and a sauce dish. Available in our Varied Blue, Ferrari Red, Green Gloss with Brown Rim and Cream Kahala glazes, this collection is sized for a wide range of menu styles.

Jenggala has qualified and maintains the strict ISO Quality Assurance System as well as certification of Standard National Indonesia for Food Safe and Chip Resistant quality ceramic tableware.

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