Lukas Frangipani Small Mug With Lid Pale Turquoise

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 13 cm

Just as Bali is so well known for the fragrant, tropical Frangipani flower, Jenggala is well known for our popular Frangipani carved relief pattern designs. Visiting ceramic artist, Lukas Easton, spent months reimagining this iconic motif and with a new perspective and created this refined collection. Add an element of tropical elegance to your drinking experience with Frangipani small mug with lid set by Lukas. Made from stoneware with a hand carved detail, this cup and lid set with a capacity of 320ml comes in a range of bold and subtle tones and is suitable for teas, coffee and warm drinks. A component of Jenggala’s extensive Frangipani Collection.

Jenggala has qualified and maintains the strict ISO Quality Assurance System as well as certification of Standard National Indonesia for Food Safe and Chip Resistant quality ceramic tableware.

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