Candle Holder Set Dark Coconut Shell

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Ukuran 13 × 13 × 17 cm

The coconut has uses and by-products that reach far and wide. In its raw form the water has a refreshing, isotonic quality while the processed oil is used in famous brands of cosmetics and soaps. Within the core of the fruit is a thin hard shell that with its round shape can be fashioned into a number of home ware products. The material can be cut with patterns to make a beautiful candle shade, as the light plays through the motif and casts shadows in the room. Bring this ambiance to your home with the Coconut Shell Candle Holder with coral motif with a custom made ceramic base and beautiful in sets.

Jenggala telah memenuhi syarat dan menerapkan Sistem Jaminan Mutu ISO yang ketat serta memiliki sertifikasi Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) untuk peralatan makan berbahan dasar keramik berkualitas yang aman untuk makanan.

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