Classic Candle Holder With Glass Cover Gloss Yellow

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candle holder candle holder classic round

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Ukuran 11 × 11 × 17 cm

Classic simply never goes out of style and the Classic Collection with a full range of functional sizes and shapes for all areas of your home. Jenggala offers this collection in a selection of our unique and rich glaze finishes, many developed in our early days as a small pottery. Why not add a sense of elegance to your home decor with Classic Candle Holder with Glass Shade? Made from stoneware this timeless design comes in a variety of matte and gloss finishes. The ceramic base pairs beautifully with the hand blown recycled glass shade which protects the flame from wind and creates ambiance.

Jenggala telah memenuhi syarat dan menerapkan Sistem Jaminan Mutu ISO yang ketat serta memiliki sertifikasi Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) untuk peralatan makan berbahan dasar keramik berkualitas yang aman untuk makanan.

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